New Years Memory

March 27, 2017

The New Year was also the new Millennium.


Do you remember when the prophets of doom told us that the economic systems of the world would collapse? The seas would rise inundating cities and the sun would scorch the earth? Intelligent people panicked expecting the worst and backed up their electronic equipment.


But 2000 came and went. Soon we understood that doom and gloom forecasts sells newspapers but are not always accurate. They are seldom accurate in fact. People feel that the media has an agenda to report not necessarily the truth but what is politically correct. As the years passed reporters of current events have become more feral using selective editing to get their desired message across. Not necessarily the true message but a Politically Correct message that would appease the select minority groups.


But sometimes it is the Good News that turn out to be devastating for some. Ironically, it was a substantial lotto win that backfired on a local family and left them broken and isolated. Three generations had been living happily together. 


I think they were victims of poor advice coupled with a lack of planning that saw this family of 5 squander their winnings and ultimately lose their home - and each other. 

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