February 27, 2017

As it happened, today was my birthday.


The only birthday that I remembered ever celebrating was my 18th. Not that my birthdays were always forgotten but until I started working there was never enough money to go around. Our meals were always substantial but after the house mortgage was paid and dad had his booze and travel allowance there wasn’t much left. I guess that was when I learnt that bills and debts had to be paid before any luxuries were even contemplated.


I had not planned today, it just happened that I was in the city and decided to phone my client who worked in town, to ask if he wanted to join me for dinner. I didn’t expect him to keep me waiting for almost an hour though. But when he did arrive and saw the rose and balloon on the laid out table, the dinner turned into a celebration. It was the waiter’s thoughtful gesture to add the decorations to the table and that made it special.

But then it was a long time before we met up again. He was busy. I was busy and it was months later when he called to invite me to share the bottle of wine that I had presented to him together with the keys to his new home earlier in the year. This time he would be cooking dinner in his own home. I hadn’t seen the house since he had purchased it so I was curious to see how he had settled into a home that the previous young owners had sold in a very neglected state. I was pleasantly surprised with the visible improvements to this spacious but modest home and impressed with the furnishings as well as the culinary skills of its mature, new owner.


 Little did I know back in those days that I would become the lady of the house!

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