Threat to Democracy

January 16, 2017

In the past few years I have spent much time doing research for my autobiography, the book published in February, 2016 with the title – “train to australia.”  No, I didn’t forget to put capital letters in the title. The torn photograph on the cover represents our torn identity papers, destroyed in order to escape an oppressive, communist regime that had taken over parts of our native land after World War 2. The title represents a child’s perception of a long journey taken by train to a far-away port where eventually the family boarded a damaged U.S. war frigate bound for Australia. The frigate sank on its return trip.


Happily, in Australia we felt protected by distance and work was plentiful – we all wanted to work to improve our lives and harmony prevailed. But in the space of merely one generation our Australian way of life has changed, only recently have people found the courage to question the purpose of Islam and the threat is poses to Democracy.


Only recently some political heads of state have acknowledged the threat posed by the teachings of the Qur’an as the new doctrine espoused in the years of early 600AD by the last prophet of Allah, Mohammed. Only recently has America and Europe realized that their democracy and independence is under threat and that Judeo-Christians and non-believers are being persecuted by Jihadists.


But this is not a new threat. It has just become harder to ignore simply because it is more widespread now, than ever before.      There is better communication and more mobility – a two-edged sword!

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